Serving Up Some Change: Introducing Breakouts


At City Church, we ‘re constantly evaluating and reevaluating what we’re doing to ensure we’re not only providing an environment where people can experience transformative personal and spiritual growth but, more importantly, we want to remain aligned with where God is leading our church body.

Kicking It Off With… (drumroll please)

This September, we’re excited to be launching a new format for Sunday mornings, which will include breakout sessions after each of our two services. The three breakouts—entitled Deeper, Discipleship, and Discover|MVLA—are intentionally designed to make our church’s purpose—helping you experience the fullness of God through relationship—a more tangible reality in your life. Breakouts will be 30 minute gatherings taking place in various areas of the church, each of which will more intimately familiarize you with yourself, our community, and Jesus. Below are some short descriptions of each:

DEEPER: Take a more extensive dive into the sermon content from the morning. Rather than doing the post-sermon Q&A time during the service, we’ll reserve those questions, as well as further content the preacher has to share, for this breakout session.

DISCOVER | MVLA: Discover the lens through which you see yourself, God, and the world. In this breakout, we’ll take a closer look at the personality profile, made up of various assessments designed to help you better know yourself and the One in whose image you were created.

DISCIPLESHIP: Engage in discussions on Kingdom-oriented leadership tools and spiritual practices, ranging in any number of topics to include finances, parenting, and relationships.

What can you expect from each breakout?

  • The timing remains the same on Sunday mornings (in terms of total length of “programming”), we are just shortening the main service to make space for breakouts. (9a and 11a service times, 9:50 and 11:50 breakout times)

  • We will still have a time of post-sermon questions, but they will be included in a breakout (Deeper), not in the main service.

  • Breakout topics will change each month; you can find the weekly breakout topics on our website (September’s are posted now!)

Not only are these breakouts for you to grow in your relationship with yourself, one another, and the Lord, but some of them will be by you. You have wisdom and gifts that we need and can learn from! All City Church owners are invited to submit an idea for a month-long breakout session led by you. Visit the Breakout Submission Form to share your topic idea. Each breakout will run for 4 weeks (30 minutes each session, one session is repeated twice each Sunday), approved and scheduled by a team which will include one City Church staff member, one elder, and one owner.

We‘re excited to stand beside you as we enrich and diversify our Sunday mornings together!

chris seelbaugh