Taking the Initiative


Throughout the past eleven years, City Church has seen a few iterations of Community Groups come and go. One thing that has not, and never will, change: Our value of the opportunity for people to spend time in a more intimate group, growing in relationship with one another and with Jesus. We’ve learned a lot over the last decade and we’re excited to translate some of those lessons into new opportunities for our community.

The Gist

This fall, we are launching City Church Initiatives. These groups, which will have a lifespan of 1-90 days, invite City Church Owners to lead people closer to Jesus within the realm of their own passions and hobbies. Do you love to run? Start a Running Initiative! Are you passionate about Gardening? We’d love to see you bring a Gardening Initiative to life! You’re already out in the world doing these things you’re passionate about—why not invite others in so you can share your passion, grow in your relationship with people in our community, and experience church outside the walls of our building?

The Lord absolutely delights in seeing us live more fully into our passions—and we love it, too! It’s so important to us, in fact, that we continue to capitalize on the part of our Creed that says, “We want to be a place where your name and gifts are known.” Initiatives are an opportunity for you to be empowered to share and create community around your passions; this could mean gathering around your dinner table or studying a book of the Bible together but, unlike our previous Community Groups, it doesn’t have to look anything like that!

The details

What: Initiatives at City Church

Who: Initiatives can be led by any City Church Owner. Anyone can participate in a group (within any size restrictions, as placed by the leader).

When: We will kick them off in September. Each Initiative will last between 1-90 days, in order to allow people to try different things, meet new people, and to avoid any ruts in the group or burnout within the leader. It’s what a Community Group use to be but now with an expiration date.

Where: Wherever the Initiative Leader wants to meet!

Why: To build community, live into and share our passions, experience Jesus together outside of Sunday mornings, and to try new things!

How: Potential Initiative Leaders will be able to submit their ideas through our initiative submission form. Once approved, the dates, location, recruitment, and communication is up to the leader. (We’ll help get the word out there to people!)

We are so excited to see the diversity of experiences that come out of these Initiatives. One of the best parts is that you don’t have to overthink it. If you’re already going on weekly hikes in Dayton’s Metroparks, taking prayer walks through your neighborhood, or baking delectable desserts, then you’re already doing something that you can invite others into! Why do you love what you do? How do you experience more of Jesus when you do it? These are all things you can share with others as we experience the fullness of God’s love through relationship together.

chris seelbaugh