Why Breakouts?


Breakouts are intentionally designed to make our church’s purpose—helping you experience the fullness of God through relationship—a more tangible reality. Breakouts will be 30 minute gatherings taking place in various areas of the church, where you can intimately familiarize yourself with you, our community, and Jesus.



Start times are 9:50a and 11:50a each week.

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What is it?

Discover the lens through which you see yourself, God, and the world. In this breakout, we’ll also take a closer look at the personality profile, made up of various assessments designed to help you better know yourself and the One in whose image you were created.


What’s this month?

D.I.S.C: How the characteristics of each personality type impact our relationships, work, personal awareness, and growth.

  • Oct 6— Fly Like an Eagle: Dominant or Domineering?

  • Oct 13— Parrot Party: Lively and Inspiring

  • Oct 20— Just Like a White-Winged Dove: Peaceful and Supportive

  • Oct 27— Wise Old Owl: Curious or Cautious?

*Start times are 9:50a and 11:50a each week

Where is it?
Core Values Room



What is it?

Take a more extensive dive into the sermon content from the morning. Rather than doing the post-sermon Q&A time during the service, we’ll reserve those questions, as well as further content the speaker has to share, for this breakout session.


What’s this month?


  • Oct 6— Cheater: How Far Will God Go?

  • Oct 13— Manifestation: How the Choices of One Generation Impact the Next

  • Oct 20— Purpose-Driven Punishment: The Redemptive Power of Pain

  • Oct 27— Repentance, Redemption, Restoration: Why God Won’t Quit

*Start times are 9:50a and 11:50a each week

Where is it?
Big Room



What is it?

Engage in Kingdom-oriented discussions and learn the leadership tools and spiritual practices needed to thrive and reach your fullest potential. Topics include number of life aspects such as finances, parenting, and relationships.


What’s this month?

DECEIVED: How to Identify a Religious Spirit and Reclaim a Power-filled Relationship with Jesus

  • Oct 6— Differentiate: Conviction vs. Condemnation

  • Oct 13— Disguised: How Darkness Uses Light to Deceive

  • Oct 20— Discipleship: The Power of Submission & Spiritual Parenting

  • Oct 27— Decoy: What Demons Do to Stay Where They Are and Keep What They Have

*Start times are 9:50a and 11:50a each week

Where is it?
Brick Room



Have an idea for a breakout, or wanna lead one?