Experience the fullness of God’s love through relationship.


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Who we are

City Church is a safe place, a refuge for those who feel lost or forgotten. And though we’re not perfect, our promise is to protect you and provide a place where your name and gifts are known. We’ll stand beside you, not over you. Together, we will promote and pursue the upside of what can be versus the downside of what’s not.


Join us Sundays

9:00am -or- 11:00AM

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Want The Life You Have

What the heck is coveting? Many of us know about God’s command to not covet, but in this sermon, Mallory serves up a different perspective on what it means to obtain a life you love.



Alleviating poverty in the Greater Dayton Area.

Montgomery County is home to thousands of people who face many forms of poverty—no matter what their income level or nationality may be. We partner with the Miami Valley Life Alliance in a community-wide effort to effectively reduce poverty in a revolutionary way.

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