Meet Our Staff


Founding pastor

Charlie carroll

Along with being a wellness enthusiast and somewhat of a jokester, Charlie is passionate about many things. One thing we love the most is his vision to see God’s Kingdom flourish in Dayton through the names and gifts of its people. His gift to teach, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his servant heart are just a few reasons why he’s our favorite volunteer!

woman-with-coffee-cup-laughing (1).png

campus pastor

mallory redmond

At her core, Mal is a storyteller. Believing that the telling of our stories can better us, teach us, and connect us, she has continued to inspire us with her compassionate words since the moment she and her family arrived in Dayton (sorry Chi-Town, she’s ours now). She loves Jesus a lot and basically keeps us all from going crazy, and we think that’s pretty important.


family team director

kara peterson

Kara is always bringing out the best in people (maybe that’s why she became a licensed counselor?). No matter if she’s in the classroom or at the gym leading a spin class, she always brings a distinct level of energy and excitement wherever she is. Her absolute love for kids and focus on partnering with parents is why we’re grateful to have her on the team.


creative Pastor

antoine edmonson

In our opinion, Antoine is pretty much the greatest hip-hop artist of all time (maybe we’re biased, but you listen for yourself!). He’s got a knack for introducing people to the freedom found in Jesus using various forms of media and art, which is why our youth love him (and why we love him too).


Guest services director

Alison noll

Wise beyond her years, “Nollzy” is on a personal mission to create art that makes a difference for people. She brings a whole new level of leadership and life to our Guest Services team, and she’s passionate about hospitality, connecting people, and making sure our guests feel welcome.


operations director

leslie delong

Some have compared Leslie to a kind of quilt– having different interests and skills that work together for one purpose. Through her creativity, experiences, writing, organization/planning, and even through cooking and baking (our personal fav), we believe God has called her to help foster stability, order, nourishment, as well as fun and whit to our team.


worship team director

lindsey stapleton

We just love Lindsey and her huge heart, and we love the way she leads and cares for people. When meeting her, you can’t help but notice her powerful commitment to helping people find their voice through music—you might just find yourself dancing and singing before you even realize it!


communications director

chris seelbaugh

Whether he’s writing or playing music, leading worship, designing websites, or just thinking outside the box, we rely on Chris to orchestrate all of our creative communications. His gifts, talents, and love for people have been essential in helping us come up with unique and meaningful ways to engage others.