Dayton Businesses Partner Against Local Hunger

Photo by Chris Seelbaugh

Photo by Chris Seelbaugh


Sure, many of us would agree that it feels good to make a difference for someone, somewhere. But what if you could make a huge impact right here in Dayton, and do it for less than the cost of a pizza?

Better yet—what if you could do it WHILE eating pizza?

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

A handful of downtown businesses including Old Scratch, White Allen, Table 33, and BodyGarage are joining together with the Lost In The City event to fund 27,000 meals through The Foodbank’s “Good-to-Go Backpack Program,” an initiative where packs of food are sent home with hungry children (in their backpacks), to help keep them fed over the weekend– the part of the week that isn’t covered by subsidized school lunch programs.

Good-to-Go packs are sent home with specifically identified children every Friday throughout the school year. Each backpack is filled with food children can take home and eat over the weekend. The food is kid-friendly, easy to open, and easily prepared. No one but the child knows what is in his or her backpack, maintaining the dignity of each participant.

In addition to asking guests if they’d like to add $5.50 to their bill to help support the cause (which provides 9 meals for a child), each business has a gold backpack (seen above) on display featuring information on The Foodbank’s Good-to-Go Backpack Program, and how to get involved.

Photo by Karol D

Photo by Karol D


Cones For A Cause

Sometimes when you give someone an inch, they take a mile—in this case, it’s super cool. Old Scratch Pizza has become a Dayton favorite, bringing the world of fresh wood-fired pizza (with local ingredients) right to our downtown area. If that isn’t enough, they’ve decided to dedicate their monthly “Cones for A Cause” event in April to help raise money to fight child food insecurity in our city.

The Cones for a Cause event is an opportunity to pay whatever you want for a delicious cone of soft serve ice cream, and 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go toward a cause. This month, they’ve hitched themselves to Lost in The City, and we’re excited to be working together (and eating tons of ice cream).

During an interview with Erin Rogers, general manager at Old Scratch, she shared “We wanted to get involved because we want to give back. It’s important for us to help the community grow, that’s why we’re here.”

Lost In The City

Lost In The City is a 3 day, city-wide egg hunt held on April 18-21 where hundreds of golden eggs are hidden all throughout Downtown Dayton. Within each golden egg is a number that corresponds with a prize. Whether you want to travel in a group to cover more ground, or go solo so you can move quickly, you’ll want to make the best of each moment so you don’t miss your chance to win a car from White Allen, a trip to Disney World, or one of the other grand prizes. Even if you do miss out on one of the big ones, don’t worry—there are dozens of other glamorous give-aways that are still worth the hunt.

If you have young children, be sure to check out some of the other Lost In The City events happening downtown. You can also sign up for Lost In The City here.

Get Involved

Your mouth might already be watering for ice cream and pizza from Old Scratch, or a burger from Table 33– then again you might be due for an oil change from White Allen, for a personal wellness tune-up at BodyGarage, or, you may be anticipating some big prizes by joining the Lost in The City city-wide egg hunt. While all of these provide great opportunities to get involved, you can also give directly to the cause, you can make a donation by pressing the button below.


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